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April - June 2022

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January - March 2021

Grants over $1M

Lead Investigator Unit Title Sponsor Award Date
Ben Renquist Animal and Biomedical Sciences Role of the hepatic GABA shunt in insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia National Institutes of Health $1.92M April 2022
Koenraad Van Doorslaer Animal and Biomedical Sciences The role of asymmetric protein dimethylation during the human papillomavirus lifecycle National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease $1.90M June 2022
Cathy Martinez Nutritional Science Wellness Developmental and Sensory Screening Arizona Early Childhood Development and Health Board $1.65M 2022
Sean W Limesand Animal and Biomedical Sciences Prevention of Placental Insufficiency Improves Beta-Cells Function National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases $2.399M February 2022
Ashley J Snider Nutritional Science Wellness Role for Myeloid Acid Ceramidase in Colon Inflammation and Cancer National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases $1.66M March 2022
Paul Carini Environmental Science-Res CAREER: Just Add Water? Investigating RNA Stability in Desiccated Soil Bacteria National Science Foundation $1.466M January 2022
Karletta Chief Environmental Science-Res SRS RN: Transforming Rural-Urban Systems: Trajectories for Sustainability in the Intermountain West National Science Foundation $1.25M February 2022
Paul Brierly YCEDA Yuma County COVID-19 Community Protection Early Warning and Response Program Centers for Disease Control and Prevention $1.0M January 2022
Charles P Gerba Environmental Science-Res Advancing Safety and Reliability to Protect Public Health: Identifying Quantitative Reductions of Viral Pathogens and Surrogates for Water Reuse Applications United States Environmental Protection Agency $1.1M December 2021
Ashley J Snider Nutritional Sci Wellness - RES Sphingolipids, Dietary Fatty Acids, and Intestinal Pathophysiology National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases $1.325M December 2021
Rebecca Ann Mosher School of Plant Sciences-Res STC: Center for Research On Programmable Plant Systems National Science Foundation $3.57M October 2021
Mitchel McClaran School of Natural Resources and the Environment - Res Leadership and support in development, analysis, modeling, assessment, and other CEAP-GL activities for better informed conservation decisions Natural Resources Conservation Service $1.45M September 2021
Laura Lopez Hoffman School of Natural Resources DISES: Governance Across Space: Discovering Principles of Equity and Sustainability to Conserve Migratory Species within Telecoupled Social Environmental Systems National Science Foundation $1.6M August 2021
Karletta Chief Environmental Sciences Collaborative Research: NSF INCLUDES Alliance: Broadening Career Pathways in Food, Energy, and Water Systems with and within Native American Communities (Native FEWS Alliance) National Science Foundation $2.9M July 2021
Duke Pauli School of Plant Sciences RESEARCH-PGR: Exploring the Genetics of Drought Resistance with Field-based Phenomics and Biophysical Process-based Modeling National Science Foundation $5.5M April 2021
Scottie Misner Nutritional Sciences AZ Health Zone (SNAP-Ed) Arizona Department of Health Services $2.6M October 2020
Rod Wing School of Plant Sciences Partner Lab - Plant, Algae, Fungi Genomics Capabilities I Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory $1.3M October 2020