Innovation Venture Investment Program


Innovation Venture Investment Program Awards
YEAR Awardee title
2018 David Baltrus, Mark Beilstein, Judith Brown, Barry Pryor, ALex Hu Leveraging Multiple
Sequencing Projects across Plant Sciences to
Foster a Nanopore Sequencing Community
at UA
2018 Mark Beilstein, Duke Pauli Programmable Plant Morphology
2018 Joseph Blankinship Launching the Arizona Carbon Project: Soil Organic Carbon Accounting and Sequestration in the Sonoran Desert
2017 Goggy Davidowitz The Other Arizona Beef: Addressing the Nine Billion Problem
2017 Monica Schmidt Towards making a C3
crop C4 by adding an oxygen-binding protein in rubisco’s environment
2017 Patricia STock, Istvan Molnar Harnessing an Arizona-Native Insect Pathogenic Bacterium for Natural Products with Medical Applications
2017 Markus Tuller, Pedro Andrade Sanchez Novel Approaches to
Remote Sensing of Earth Surface Properties and Processes Applicable to Agricultural and Natural
Resources Management