CALS Research Development Programs

The CALS Research Office offers the following research development and support programs to stimulate new research initiatives, support existing programs and to enhance communication of research. Applications for all programs should be sent to Dr. Parker Antin at

Bridge Funding

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The CALS Bridge Funding program provides financial support to minimize disruption of existing research programs and projects that have temporarily lost external funding but show high promise of success in the next round of competitive review, in particular for proposals that just missed the payline or were ranked highly but not funded.  Submission Deadlines:  September 1 and March 1

Innovation Venture Investment Program

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Proposals of any kind will be considered in established or new areas of inquiry, ranging from projects within an individual lab to multi investigator/transdisciplinary initiatives. Novel and potentially transformational ideas are encouraged.  All projects must show strong evidence that they will ultimately stimulate significant impactful research activity and be supported by sustained external funding. Proposals format is intentionally flexible; proposals can be submitted as a standard short grant application or a white paper.  The period of support will generally be from six months to two years, total budget generally up to $90,000.  Please submit a single PDF file containing the proposal and budget to  Funding decisions will be made by the Associate Dean for Research.  Submission Deadline: May 25

Support for Invited Speakers

The CALS Research Office is offering support to CALS Academic Units to bring prominent researchers to campus.  Ideally, the invited scientist will have special appeal to Unit faculty as well as more general appeal to a CALS-wide  audience. Specifics of this program are as follows:

  1. Up to $1,500 will be reimbursed towards travel, food or honorarium for the speaker
  2. Units can request funds once each fiscal year
  3. The speaker should be a high profile, high impact scientist
  4. The Unit will handle logistics for the visit
  5. CALS will send a college wide seminar announcement
  6. To request support, send the following information to
    1. Speaker Name
    2. Speaker Affiliation
    3. Unit Requesting funds
    4. Seminar date, title and location.
    5. Brief statement describing how inviting this speaker will benefit Unit faculty and be of interest to a broad CALS audience.

Funding decisions will be based on merit and availability of funds. 

Agriculture Experiment Station Strategic Research Investment Fund

Up to $50,000 for investments in infrastructure, equipment, and/or activities that increase the research capacity at Experiment Station Units. Possible investments might include but are not limited to sensor arrays that generate data sets and the accompanying hardware and software to store and provide access to that data, or the conversion of analog data sets to digital on-line data for broader distribution to the research community. This is not a call for a research proposal. Review criteria includes likelihood of increasing use of Experiment Station facilities and data sets by campus faculty. In other words, we want to raise the tide for many ships, not just one ship at a time. Next submission deadline expected on 19 March 2018.

2018 AES Strategic Research Investment Fund RFP
2017 AES Strategic Research Investment Fund RFP
2017 AES Strategic Research Investment Fund Recipients